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Four Peaks offers the following exterior house cleaning services

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Window Cleaning

We have several methods for cleaning windows depending on the type and difficulty of access. We can clean skylights, deck railing glass, storm windows, solar panels, and yes, we can clean the interior windows as well as the exteriors. Evergreen not only cleans residential windows but also storefront and other commercial windows (typically five stories or under).

Gutter Cleaning

As mentioned above, routine gutter cleaning is necessary to protect your home and property from water damage and flooding. We clean the downspouts also and any mess we make in the process. As an added service, we can brush clean the outside of the gutters and facia boards which often get quite dirty and become an eyesore.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is often the best method for removing dirt and grime from your driveway, walkways, patios, and other hardscapes. There are eight variables of pressure washing that make every job a little different. Every Evergreen tech is trained to manage these variables so that we deliver excellence in pressure washing without damaging anything.

Roof Cleaning

Routine roof maintenance is essential in the Northwest to keep it free of debris and to keep moss from growing on it. While we do perform moss removal on roofs, it’s best to keep your roof from ever needing one. This means using a leaf blower to clean off loose debris, cleaning out gutters and downspouts (this is included with every roof cleaning service), and applying moss treatment to keep moss and algae from taking over.

House Washing

Most dirty home exteriors will require a soft wash instead of pressure washing. From gutter face to ground, our techs have the tools and training to wash your house without doing damage to the siding. Read more about our house washing services.

Soft Washing

We can also soft wash just about anything else that needs a gentler approach to pressure washing. A few of the surfaces that require soft washing are painted and stained wood, decks, fences, roofs, sand-set pavers, blacktop drives, Trex and other composite decking, and most slate.

Why Choose Us

You won’t have to scramble to pick up things after coming from a long, tiring day by hiring our maid services. You can customize our maid services according to your needs. We maintain our professional cleaners up-to-date for meticulous quality control and keeping your trust. Moreover, we are committed to ensuring a very high level of customer retention over the years.

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