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At Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals, our primary goal is to provide each client with a superb cleaning service every time. As a professional cleaning company, we only hire the best-qualified cleaners in the Phoenix, Arizona valley, and are true Professionals and go thru an extensive pre-qualification process to become a part of the team.

The Four Peaks Team has years of experience in customer service and cleaning. We have the knowledge, respect, and know-how to build proper teams. Each Team Member assigned to your cleaning will make an initial visit to review and align your expectations and ensure that you are happy with your assigned Team Member. If you best cleaning services, the Cleaning Company in Phoenix AZ provide the quality work.

Living space is more than just a house, a place where you can unwind, relax, and spend time. At Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals, we offer deep cleaning services to residential properties to keep your living space up to your standards. We hire the best cleaning professionals to provide superb cleaning services to each client. Our highest priority is to keep our customers and employees safe. In addition, we offer carpet cleaning, windows cleaning, move-in & move-out cleaning, and carpet cleaning services in Phoenix AZ. Whether you need regular or deep cleaning, you can rely on Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals. 

A Qualified Cleaning Company in Phoenix AZ

If you want to enter into a spotless home without having to put in the time or effort to clean it, Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals, a qualified cleaning company in Phoenix AZ, is here to help. We give you an excellent cleaning job at a low price with our regular cleaning service. Our professionals are experts who will transform your home into a perfect atmosphere. They assess the area extensively, design a strategy for accomplishing the task, and waste no time eliminating filth, sterilizing, vacuuming, or cleaning rarely utilized areas. You can always order additional bathroom and bedroom cleaning services. We also provide all cleaning supplies at no cost to you.

Professional Cleaning Company in Phoenix AZ

As part of your home’s general upkeep, we recommend hiring Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals. We are a professional cleaning company in Phoenix AZ, striving to help you keep excellent cleanliness in your premises if you have the cleaning done once or twice a week. We provide superb cleaning work at a low price, and our experienced professionals inspect properties and look for contaminated areas for maximum results. Moreover, we make a cleaning schedule with all stages, specificities, and a supply list.


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We offer the industry’s leading cleaning solutions to residential properties

Residential Cleaning

This usually takes around two to three hours. It involves dusting all surfaces and decorations, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, changing beddings, plus cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Perfect for: smaller properties such as apartments/flats.

Commercial Cleaning

More comprehensive than a regular clean. Deep cleaning involves moving furniture around so that Moppers can blitz every last spider web and speckle of dust. Perfect for: larger houses and properties with pets.

Carpet Cleaning

While you are spoilt for choices when selecting carpet cleaning company for your home or business, it is important to understand the different types of carpet cleaning methods used by different companies as not all carpet cleaning methods work for your carpet.

Exterior Wash

Four Peaks offers the following exterior house cleaning services: Window Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Roof Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Four Peaks offers the following Construction cleaning services: Rough Clean
Final Clean
Exterior Clean
As Needed

Our Cleaning Services

At Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals, our routine cleaning services include dusting and washing all reachable surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances and cupboards, basic bathroom cleaning, and vacuuming all floors. We can achieve remarkable results thanks to our well-trained team, safe and effective eco-cleaning solutions, and cutting-edge equipment of our cleaning company. We’ll drastically minimize irritating dust and leave every surface in your home sparkling clean if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Our floor-cleaning procedures are unrivaled, and we disinfect and sanitize kitchens and bathrooms as we clean.

Versatile Cleaning Services

Four Peaks Cleaning Professionals offer versatile and straightforward cleaning solutions to suit our clients’ demands. We work around your schedule and clean according to your conditions. We will clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas, corners, gaps, and spaces under the furniture. Regardless of your lifestyle, you can benefit significantly from our cleaning services. A thorough cleaning of your home can make your life easier and provide a healthier atmosphere for your family. The professional staff at our professional cleaning company in Phoenix AZ, will thoroughly clean your entire home and change it into a neat environment.

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We keep our customers satisfied by offering top-notch cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ.

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Four Peaks Cleaning Solutions has earned a name of quality and superior customer service. Our clients rely on us for consistent cleaning and detailed-oriented services.

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We keep the earth clean and strive to be environment-friendly. We use non-toxic and environment-friendly products for cleaning purposes.

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As a leading cleaning company, our cleaning process ensures a thorough clean every time. By delivering the highest cleaning standards, we always keep our customers happy and satisfied.

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We offer immediate and accurate cleaning quotes and treat your home like ours. We have professionally trained cleaners to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

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